Who We Are

ASL Packaging was founded in 1995 as a division of ASL Ltd with a core focus on corrugated carton manufacturing for the FMCG, horticulture export, pharmaceutical and paint sectors. The company later diversified into the fabrication on expanded polystyrene products such as insulated packaging for perishables and insulation for pipes and sound proofing.

The company has built its reputation on consistent quality, reliable delivery and a close working relationship with its customers. As an ISO 9001-2015 company we continually strive to innovative new packaging solutions that are cost effective, environmentally friendly and improve the customer experience.

ASL Packaging is a member of the Ramco Group which compromises 34 companies across East Africa with a focus on Building & Hardware Supplies; Stainless Steel; Print, Packaging & Branding; and Stationery & Office Supplies.

The company was originally a division of ASL Ltd but became its own company in 2014 as part of a Group restructuring.

What They Say

  • “In a world where we are all very busy and quick to complain when things go wrong, I personally wanted to say “thank you” to you and your team. As a start-up last year, we had a lot of moving parts that needed to fall into place to enable us to open our first outlet. One of things we did not have to worry about was our packaging, and this was because of you and your team”

    Ritesh Doshi CEO of Naked Pizza

Our Products

Corrugated Products

Our corrugated product range can be divided into 6 distinct areas –

Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

The most common form of corrugated carton that combines function, product protection and economy – we supply these either custom printed or plain.

Offset Printed Carton

We combine the photo quality print of offset printing with the strength of corrugation to create cartons that are attractive and have brand impact. These are often used for premium products where the carton itself serves as the retail shelf pack.

Self Locking Cartons & Trays

Printed corrugated cartons that self-lock to make trays and boxes are the corner stone of the Kenyan horticultural export industry. Carton stacking strength is key to this product’s application. We carry stocks of standard printed cartons for Mangos, Avocados, Pineapples, Beans, Mange Tout, Sugar Snaps & Herbs.

Flower Cartons

These 2 part cartons have a 5 ply heavy base and 3 ply top that are custom printed to carry fresh cut Kenyan flowers to the world. We manufacture them in two standard size options as well as custom sizes.

Single Facers (SFK)

This product is a roll of corrugated paper that is used to wrap and protect flower buds during transit. It is also used for wrapping furniture and odd shaped items. We supply it by roll or sheet and charge by the kilo.

Custom Cartons

A. Design & Prototype

We design and make prototype cartons for any application. Key criteria to consider –

  • Brown or white paper
  • Plain or printed
  • Size – length, width, height
  • Product to be packed – weight, quantity, dimensions, sample
  • Method of packing – manual or machine
  • Stacking and duration of storage – humidity and temperature
  • Internal compartments required
B. Corrugated Strength

We manufacture both 3 and 5 ply solutions.

“Ply” is the measures of strength and is the number of paper layers used.

In addition we offer 3 “Fluting” options – A, B and E.

“Fluting” is the height and frequency of the corrugations and determines strength.

The application of the corrugated product determines what combination of Ply and Fluting we use.

3 PLY Options

E Flute

B Flute

C Flute

5 PLY Options

B&C Flute

C&E Flute

Polystyrene Products

EPS Boxes

EPS stands for Expandable Polystyrene. We manufacture polystyrene boxes in 5 standard sizes with lids as below. They are ideal for transporting perishable goods that require temperature control. Custom sizes are possible.

Size Internal Dimensions External Dimensions
3kg 358 x 258 x 47mm 400 x 300 x 70mm
6kg 358 x 259 x 79mm 400 x 300 x 120mm
10kg 355 x 260 x 155mm 395 x 295 x 210mm
20kg 542 x 344 x 154mm 600 x 400 x 210mm
25kg 605 x 405 x 160mm 665 x 465 x 230mm

EPS Sheets

We manufacture polystyrene is both sheets and tubing form for various applications including –

  • Cold Storage insulation
  • Roofing insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Pipe insulation – solar, refrigeration

Our standard sizes are:

4 FT 4FT 1/2″
Maximum Thickness 18″
Maximum Sheet Dimensions 12ft x 4ft

Pipe lagging comes as a two pieces set in 2 ft sections. It is custom made to the pipe it is insulating.


EcoPallets are a 1m x 1m corrugated pallet that replaces plastic & wooden pallets to reduce cost and minimize a company’s environmental impact. The patented technology comes from Green Ox® USA and is manufactured under license in Kenya by ASL Packaging.

The Benefits of using EcoPallets are seen in the efficiencies in the handling, storage, and transportation of products with significant savings when used for air-freight shipments where weight is critical to cost. The environmental benefits go without saying when a company shifts from wood or plastic to a paper pallet.

Features include:

  • Pallet weighs under 4kg – significantly reducing freight costs
  • Pallets are engineered to handle up to 1 ton loads
  • No injuries or product damage from nails or splinters
  • Pallets ship and store flat, reducing storage space by up to 90%
  • Pallets are 100% recyclable

Environmental Social Governance

In an effort to be conscious of our Neighbors and Community in fostering good relationships this simple feedback survey allows you to let us know of any area of concern as regards Health & Safety; & or Environmental matters & or any concern arising from our end that affects you and requires that we should review and work on so as to sustain our relationship.

We request that you provide your contact details to enable us to respond to you where necessary.

To access the survey, click here.

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